Hello! I’m Jon Brady – a Scottish photographer, games and music writer and oddjob profiteer based in Glasgow.

I like big cameras, big lenses, videogames, music, film, a good interview and the buzz of being up for 20 hours longer than I’m meant to. I’ve got experience in photography and photo editing and extensive experience writing about videogames, music and film for a number of online blogs. I help film the occasional video too and once I managed to sit all the way through Only God Forgives without leaving the cinema.

You can find my work on games blog BigRedBarrel and music blog 7BitArcade, usually in the form of reviews and interviews. That said, I keep busy elsewhere too: you might have seen me crop up at Gamescom with Electronic Arts or help launch Tigerface Games’ social media channels. You might have even seen me sing or drum in Rock Band for 24 hours for Extra Life. Hell, you might even have read my Global Game Jam book or listened to the BigRedBarrel UK podcast.

If you’d like to chat, you can drop me an email. Tell me about your favourite sandwich fillings, tell me that you think my hairdo sucks or better yet talk to me about photos and writing: hello [at] jonfaec.com.